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FanContact Review – World’s First Non Bot API Messenger Autoresponder

FanContact Review – World’s First Non Bot API Messenger Autoresponder

FanContact Review
FanContact Review – Leverage New Powerful FB Technology To Get Massive List, Make More Sales And Boost Engagement By Using Cloud Based Technology That Lets You Engage And Message People As Much As You Want.

FanContact helps you to save time and make money with automating facebook messenger marketing.

In our busy world, failure to communicate is a fact and it became the biggest issue marketers and businesses face currently.

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in — the biggest challenge for anyone in business is how to effectively contact business and prospects.

When your messages get through, everything gets better.

Read more in my FanContact Review.

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FanContact Review – Overview

  • Creator: Andrew Darius et al
  • Product: FanContact
  • Release Date: 2017-Apr-26
  • Release Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $37
  • Sales Page: FanContact Sales Page

What is FanContact?

FanContact is basically a cloud-based software that can help you handle Facebook Messenger automatically. By handle I mean it will respond automatically the messages. Now you can message to as many people as you want without spending a whole lot of your time on it.

About Author

The person who developed FanContact is Andrew Arius. He and his team have a big sea of experiences in making digital products which help you earn tons of cash. Some of the products I can name are FanInviter, FanGrower, MuteFlick and FlickEffets and so much more

FanContact Key Features

Do you know what is the one social media feature that practically no one can resist?

It is the facebook messenger new message notification.

When people see that red number on messenger icon on their phone or desktop they’re drawn to it like a kid to the candy store. FB messenger app now have more than billion users and significant percent of those people are online buyers.

Moreover, Facebook wants to make messenger your best way of connecting with prospects and customers. They just updated messenger to make it even more friendly for marketers. Now you can use messenger to build lists and send unlimited messages to your audiences.

Based on this Andrew Darius From Explaindio Inc. has created a product with the following features:

Skyrocket Opt -in Rates

With FanContact you can build targeted list right inside the Facebook in any niche and send your subscribed unlimited messages directly through facebook messenger.

No matter if they are on desktop or mobile, your messages always get through with 100% delivery rate.

The marketing possibilities are endless. With FanContact, it’s now easier than ever for people to subscribe so your opt-in rates would go through the roof.

FanContact takes the best feature of email autoresponders and makes them better

You can also fully automate your customer support, and when people reach out, they can receive automatic messages giving them the answers they need.

Increase sales and profits with your messages, send promos and special deals to your entire subscriber list any time you want.

FanContact takes the best feature of email autoresponders and makes them better.

Create unlimited lists and segments, design entire follow-up sequences to maximize profits from every subscriber.

FanContact makes sending direct message to your subscribers ridiculously easy

You can broadcast a promo offer to all of your subscribers at once or resend messages just to users from selected fan pages.

This is your chance to stand out from the competition and communicate directly with you subscribers in a way that’s more effective than any other form of marketing communication.

FanContact makes sending direct message to your subscribers ridiculously easy.

Avoid Reputation Damage With Custom Message Sender App

Did you know that using the same sender app as any other user on the system, may cause a message delivery problem or result in losing your sending ability all together? Yes, that true.

In the situation of share sender system, where many people use the same app, the app ability to deliver messages is affected by the lowest denominator of users, who may be sending messages violating Facebook terms of use or sending banned links.

It may lead to shared app delivery problems or even a complete ban, which is directing affecting you.

To avoid those problems FanContact allows you to use your own Facebook app and you do not even need to apply for any special permissions or submit to Facebook for review.

That way no any other user in the system can affect your sender app reputation and delivery rates.

If making more sales and profits sounds like a good idea,you need FanContact now

You can broadcast a promo offer to all of your subscribers at once or resend messages just to users from selected fan pages.

This is your chance to stand out from the competition and communicate directly with you subscribers in a way that’s more effective than any other form of marketing communication.

FanContact makes sending direct message to your subscribers ridiculously easy.

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How Does It Works?

The 3-step process below is all you have to do to start your autoresponder:

  • Step 1: create a Facebook page in case you have yet to have one
  • Step 2: connect the page to FanContact just by a couple of clicks
  • Step 3: import the page contacts and then let’s collect new subscribers

Now let’s watch FanContact Demo Video then you will find out how it works yourself since there is too much FanContact can do to be explained in my FanContact Review

Who Should Use It?

The product is designed for anyone who has been and will use Facebook as one of the main channels for product promotions. It is suitable for both newbies and the experienced as the whole process requires the very least of technical knowledge and skills.

The next thing I want to share with you in this FanContact Review is what I think the strengths of FanContact: About the pros:

User Experience

Now I will share with you my first impression with FanContact. Before using FanContact, I had to spend every day sinking in tons of messages to reply and send. It took me lots of time to do that, not to mention the opening rate was so poor. So I decided to seek help from FanContact.

FanContact works amazingly. All I have to do is to complete the setup procedure, FanContact will handle the rest of the work beautifully. It is even capable of resending the messages if receivers did not open it. All are automatic.

FanContact also helps me with customer support by sending new deals to existing customer once a week. This makes my sales skyrocketing in a short period of time.

Why should you buy FanContact?

Imagine leveraging this powerful new Facebook technology to get more sales, increase engagement, and get more leads.


Simply by connecting your Facebook fan page to a fully interactive cloud­based technology that allows you to engage and message people as much as you want.

And what is the best part? You can build your list 3.1 times faster and import your existing contacts from all your facebook pages

Not only the the latest facebook platform update now allows you to import existing page contacts, but also, thanks to it, messaging your page is no longer the only way for people to get on yours facebook messenger subscribers list.

You can respond to them automatically by using autoresponder sequence or, if you want to, you can send out immediate broadcast and the software will do that too

Since that is very new stuff, there was no any app for that until now…

FanContact which just release can do all that and more.

With FanContact you can convert FB commenters to subscribers automatically and even instantly import all contacts from all your Facebook fanpages, which means creating INSTANT LIST.


With the price of just $37 – I believe this is a really good product to invest in. It just needs $37 to save you from the whole tons of messages that seem to make your day overloaded.

The vendor offers many attractive bonuses for early birds, so you’d better quickly to grab it. Payment is preferable to be in visa card, credit card, and pay pal as well.

I have to emphasize in my Fancontact Review that for those who are keen on owning this software at this moment, please make sure to remember the launch date which is on April 18, 2017. To be more specific, there is a FIVE price packages available to be taken into consideration before you make your final decision to choose one of them.

FanContact has 1 Front-End and 5 OTO:

  • Front-End (FanContact App 5k Sub – $37)
  • OTO 1 (Comment Reply Assistant – $9.95-$29.95/m)
  • OTO 2 (Smart Contact Adder – $47)
  • OTO 3 (Segmenter Module – $67)
  • OTO 4 (Business FB Acc Packs – $47-$197)
  • OTO 5 (Sender Apps Packs – $47-$197)

Fancontact Review – Conclusion

To sum up, FanContact is completely not a high- cost product but you can gain high value from it. Thus, don’t wait for no reason. Let’s take such great chance to buy FanContact since it can lead you to big success. Don’t forget you can offer refund if FanContact doesn’t meet your expectation.

Price is likely to go up every few minutes. So don’t wait!


FanContact Review



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