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Graphitii Review – Best way for your ads to go viral in 2017 

Graphitii Review – Best way for your ads to go viral in 2017

Hello all my friends, welcome to again my article Graphitii Review. I hope you will happy with my information, special free bonus and coupon discount on the Graphitii Review. Wish you success with Graphitii Review.

Let me introduce you the next buzzword of 2017 that will be the new hot trend for visual advertising: CINEMAGRAPH.

Honestly, can you tell me what’s more attractive and engaging than a “living photo”?

That living photo is Cinemagraph. It is the video-photo hybrid which contains isolated moving elements on the background of a still photo, so it looks like a “living image.”

If in 2016 short-form videos were the hottest trend of social marketing, then in 2017 people would be raving about this “Cinemagraph” thing. It’s a new definition of viral content which has not even been in the dictionary yet, but that’s why it is going to explode the market. People are always hungry for the new factor of advertising, and believe me, Cinemagraph will be the most popular trend in this year.

It is a wise thought to take advantages of Cinemagraph right now when the market has not gone crazy for it yet. However, as I see, there is very few proper software and applications that are truly useful to make beautiful cinemagraphs.

That’s why today, I want to introduce a new Cinemagraph software called Graphitii. Coming from the creator Joey Xoto and his team, this software offers an ultimate solution to create stunning cinemagraphs on any devices and at any places.

Graphitii Review

Do you want to know this Graphitii software in FULL DETAILS? How great is it to make cinemagraphs compared to other applications on the market? Let’s find out together in my following Graphitii review. Make sure that you read this carefully since you should clearly understand this tool before making any purchase decision.

Graphitii Rating

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Graphitii Review – Overview

  • Creator: Joey Xoto
  • Product: Graphitii
  • Launch Date: 14 March 2017
  • Launch Time: 11:00 AM EDT
  • Discount Price: $67
  • Niche: Graphic software
  • Official website: Click here
  • Customer Support: Fast response
  • Recommended: Highly recommended

What is Graphitii?

Graphitii is the powerful cloud graphic software which helps you create wonderful cinemagraphs in just a few seconds. So, what is cinemagraphs? It is a picture with movements to create a short video.

Graphitii offers a new solution for creating advertisements. It is generated in the simplest but most effective way. It has been eliminated unnecessary steps and help you avoid the wrong that people often take it when started MMO.

Graphitii helps you attract maximum attention from your customers. Then, they make the decision to make shopping easy.

Graphitii’s Key Features

No Complicated Software To Install. 100% Web Based

Graphitii Review

With the word “100 percent web-based”, you can definitely get access to Graphitii from anywhere including your laptops and your mobile phones. It is quite convenient for anyone who tend to travel to different cities as well as foreign countries from time to time.

Transform Your Boring Videos Into Stunning Cinemagraphs

Graphitii allows users to upload their own videos directly into the web app and create fully customized cinema graphs to your taste.

No Technical Skills Required. No Outsourcing Necessary

Graphiti Review

Compared with other software, Graphitii is regarded as the simple and easy-to-use app which everyone can quickly get familiar with after a few times of trying. You will no longer need to hire any outsourcing designers for your promotion videos since you can do it yourself now. Thus, Graphitii can help you not only save more money but also improve your weakness so as to become a perfect team leader.

Requires shorter period of time to create cinemagraphs

Graphitii Review

Thanks to Graphitii, you will be able to create your unique and incredible cinemagraphs according to your styles with just a few simple steps. You do not need to perform any complicated process or have any technical background, that is why Graphitii can attract more users for them.

Make your cinema graph as unique as possible

Graphitii Review

When using Graphitii, you can upload all of your images and videos into this app directly without any barriers. By doing this, you can have better control over your business as well as enhance the interaction with your customers. In addition, Graphitii allows you to customize your images and videos based on your taste. As a consequence, you can feel free to become creative and then turn your previous videos into outstanding ones.

8 Easy Ways You Can Profit With Graphitii Today

  • Blog Booster:Cinemagraphs can funnel up to 71% more organic trafficfrom social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram… and get as much as 117% more clicks than regular static images.
  • Fantastic Facebook: Facebook loves cinemagraphs, and so do Facebook users. Paid or organic, you can’t fail to win with 85% more content engagement, a 45% decrease in your advertising CPC, and 4pt increase in ad relevance.
  • Twitter Hitter:Twitter campaigns using cinemagraphs have thrown up some real big hitters with campaigns boasting as much as 110% more engagement.
  • Endless Instagram: Completely crush Instagram by creating captivating cinemagraphs that showcase your marketing message on an endless 24/7 loop.
  • Scroll Control: Stop people mid-scroll to fixate on your marketing message for up to 50% longer than average.
  • Astonishing Ads: Cinemagraphs have been called hypnotic, captivating and mesmerizing… More importantly they’ve been shown to consistently drive more clicks, increase sales, and lead to34% greater brand retention.
  • Inspired Inboxes: Not only are you delivering the best-looking emails to build your brand, reputation, and authority… but using cinemagraphs in your emails has been proven to boost email engagement by as much as 72%.
  • Super-Subscriber: Transform under-performing squeeze pages and landers into digital dreamscapes with the power to capture your audiences’ imaginations and boost contact form submission by 20%.

How Does Graphitii Work?

Follow the below steps of my Graphitii review to create a beautiful cinemagraph:

  • Step 1: Get your account and log in
  • Step 2: Upload your ingredient videos
  • Step 3: Crop the video’s length
  • Step 4: Choose the thumbnail for your cinemagraph
  • Step 5: Highlight the part of the cinemagraph which you want it to keep moving
  • Step 6: Exporting your final output.

To know about the working process of Graphitii better, please watch the demo video right below:

Graphitii Review – Pros And Cons

Pros of Graphitii

  • Fast working system
  • Clean design and interface
  • Flexible cinemagraph editor
  • Well worth the investment

Cons of Graphitii

  • To be honest, this is a super application and I cannot find any drawbacks of it.

Why should you get it now?

Fans, Followers & Endless Conversions

  • Drive floods of “already impressed” readers to your blog (… then dazzle them further with full-size versions of your most shared Cinemagraphs!)
  • Use “eye-guidance” to get more clicks with phenomenal CTAs people are helpless to look away from.
  • Build your brand like a billion-dollar company and dominate Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with Cinemagraphs that auto-play on an endless branding loop.
  • Use “isolated motion” to trick the brain and mesmerize prospects the second they hit your landing pages.
  • PLUS – Get as much as 34% more bang for your buck from your social media ads by GRABBING, KEEPING, and CONVERTING the ATTENTION of your fans, followers, and future subscribers.

Easy Engagement & Rapid Expansion

  • Imprint your product, branding and blog content in your prospects’ mind with point and click ease.
  • Add Cinemagraphs to your blog to expand your reach with unforgettable posts people WANT to share.
  • Aggressively expand your email marketing, and join the 72% of marketers who’re ALREADY reporting an upward trend in email engagement when using Cinemagraphs
  • Take advantage of built in Auto-Play features on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stop people dead in their tracks as they scroll through their feeds.
  • Get people glued to your website, blog or squeeze page until they buy, read or subscribe…
  • PLUS – Overcome Facebook’s much hated “edge-rank” by creating hypnotic Facebook Ads that drive clicks, boost engagement, and create impressive stop-and-stare moments in Facebook’s news feed.

Mesmerizing Marketing & Professional Flair

  • Captivate your audience and become the STAND OUT marketer in your niche (… that means more sales, higher prices, bigger fan bases, and far less money wasted on underperforming ad campaigns)
  • Instantly position yourself as a marketer to be respected by using Graphitii to engage in a new form of visual storytelling that captures the imagination, and builds your brand with class.
  • Just a few minutesand you can create cinemagraphs that grab HUGE attention from new audiences who’d usually skip straight past your video, ad, of blog post.
  • PLUS– No System Requirements… Graphitii works on Mac or PC. Because it’s 100% cloud-based all the heavy lifting takes place on our servers, giving you the freedom to create jaw-dropping Cinemagraphs any time, any place, at no extra expense.
  • PLUS – ONLY WITH GRAPHITII – Create your Cinemagraph and overlay your own custom text to really press home your marketing advantage…

Graphitii Review – Conclusion

Thanks for reading my Graphitii Review till the end. As you know above, this is highly recommended then you can buy it right now. Making money online is not really hard but you must have the proper tools to succeed.


Graphitii Review


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