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Multistore Builder Review – Build stores from 7 network ‘All-in-one’ fast.

Multistore Builder Review – Build stores from 7 networks ‘all-in-one’ fast

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Multistore Builder is the first ever WordPress store builder that allows you to instantly fill your store with thousands of the most unique, indemand products from 7 major affiliate networks at once.

Multistore Builder Review – Overview

  • Vendor: Ben Murray et al
  • Product: Multistore Builder
  • Launch Date: 2017-Mar-08
  • Launch Time: 10:00 EST
  • Front-End Price: $37
  • Sale page: http://multistorebuilder.net/sale

What is Multistore Builder?Multistore-Builder-review-and-bonus-logo

Multistore Builder is a software help you build professional affiliate stores with the products from 7 different afffiliate networks and flexible customize to leave your own content and reviews to actually succeed now.

With a few clicks, you can build your fully customizable e-commerce affiliate store. Multistore Builder packed with hundreds products that people actually need, ready for you to promote and making money.

But the best part is you don’t need to buy stock or risk any money upfront. Because visitor click to your link and then you get paid when they buy from the official site!

What make Multistore Builder different from other store builder software?

The special feature of Multistore Builder is it integrate with 7 major affiliate network including Amazon, Ebay, BestBuy, Aliexpress, Walmart, Envato and Shopify

Unlike other store builder, this software allows you to instantly add your store with thousands of the most in-demand, unique products from 7 affiliate networks.

This is great because your visitor will have more choices and likely to buy something from your site. You will have more keyword that means more free traffic to your website. Because of that, you will beat other affiliate competition with more visibility on Google. Finally, your website becomes a true authority site with more trusting visitor and more sales. At that time, you can offer the lowest price online

Multistore Builder Key Features

Build stores from 7 networks ‘all-in-one’ fast

Select individual products or ‘one-click’ bulk import products from Amazon, Aliexpress, Envato, BestBuy, Walmart, eBay, and Shopify.


First to create ‘single’ or ‘multi’ stores at once

Instead of choosing between an ‘Amazon’ or ‘AliExpress’ store… users can use any combination of affiliate networks in just one site. You can set up full store lines or list individual products from a single network.


‘Built-in’ traffic features and training to guarantee results

Automatically post imported products to social media platforms like FB and Twitter… and comes with their non-PLR affiliate traffic training course to guarantee success.


Advanced shortcode interation

Just enter the shortcode into your post and let the plugin do all the work for you.

Display storefronts (collection of affiliate products from any network) into post or pages. You choose to display only a search bar, the Multistore front or a single store products, too!


Social proof and imported reviews

Not only can it import the reviews of any product into your stores, but it comes with the option for real visitors to leave comments on your store as well.


Auto price updating

A major feature most of the other ‘store builders’ lacked. Multistore Builder auto updates to the correct pricing to guarantee high-conversion


Works with WordPress and WooCommerce Themes

Easy to integrate into any WordPress or WooCommerce theme so you have a store you can add content to and fully control on YOUR hosting.


Detailed stats to promote top converting products only

Make sure you only import high-value, high-converting products into your store with this detailed stats technology.


Show products that are available for a discount in real time

Now you can show in real time which products on your store just went on discount on the affiliate network they are on to buy.


Full control and customization

You can choose to edit the imported title and descriptions, plus add your own valuable content and reviews!  Choose the exact product order of your ‘Multistores’ and choose to include featured products if you wish. Everything is easy to use and puts you in total control.


MultiStore Builder is packed with tons of customization tools for your situation such as:

  • Advanced shortcode integration – just enter the shortcode into your post and let the plugin do all the work for you. That is you can display storefront (collection of affiliate products from any network) into post or pages. You choose to display only a search bar, the multistore front or a single store products using the shortcode.
  • Choose the order that your products appear in your store – perfect for promoting higher payout offers or best­sellers that are more likely to convert!
  • Display featured products that show up first in your store fronts – another great way to highlight products that pay you bigger commissions and that are already popular online!
  • Products per page – choose how many products per page you want display on each page of your store
  • Detailed product stats – instantly uncover the hottest selling products for your store

Moreover, the producer offers buyers a “built­in” traffic and fool­proof traffic training called Affiliate Spark.

Affiliate Spark will teach you their best traffic strategies for niche affiliate sites that you can use immediately to get results.

  • Automatic social posting – syndicate your affiliate product listings to FB and Twitter hands­free fast.
  • Supercharged SEO – optimized product listings and 3rd party reviews easily attract thousands of long­tail buying keyword searches for the products you’re promoting!

How does it work?

The mechanism of Multistore Builder is simple, yet powerful. It helps to  promote  the  store  by  importing more  sources  of  products  and allowing  you  to  have  the  full  control  over  them.  Eventually,  it  brings seemingly endless traffic and sales to the stores.

Step 01. Еntеr уоur nісһе kеуwоrԁѕ tо fіnԁ рrоԁuсtѕ tо add frоm аnу оf tһе 7 mајоr аffіlіаtе nеtwоrkѕ.


Step 02.Тһеn сһооѕе уоur fіltеrѕ аnԁ wһісһ рrоԁuсtѕ уоu wаnt tо аԁԁ.  Үоu  саn  quісklу  сһесk tһе  quаlіtу  bаѕеԁ  оn rеvіеwѕ,  ѕаlеѕ, рrісеѕ, аnԁ mоrе.


Step 03. Тһеn, сrеаtе ѕіnglе lіѕtіngѕ оr ‘МultіЅtоrе’ соllесtіоnѕ оf mаnу  rеlеvаnt,  rеlаtеԁ  рrоԁuсtѕ  аt  оnсе  tо  іnсrеаѕе  ѕаlеѕ.  Јuѕt іnѕеrt а ѕһоrtсоԁе оr еԁіt tһе роѕt wһеrе уоu wаnt уоur рrоԁuсtѕ аnԁ уоu’rе ԁоnе.


What makes MultiStore Builder different from others is that it allows you to instantly fill your store with thousands of the most unique, in-demand products from 7 major affiliate networks at once.

Which means:

  • Your visitors have more choices (and are more likely to actually buy something from your store)
  • You’ll have more keyword rich webpages in Google (which means more free traffic)
  • You’ll beat other affiliate competition with more products on offer and more visibility in Google, (you’ll get more traffic)
  • You’ll be a true niche authority (which means more trusting visitors and even more sales)
  • You’ll offer the lowest price online guaranteed now.

And  if  you  are  looking  for  some  visual  illustration,  watch  Multistore Builder in action in this demo video:

Multistore Builder Review – Funnel

Multistore Builder Front-End

There are two options for you Multistore Builder Lite and Multistore Builder PRO

MultiStore Builder Lite ($20.97 – Early Bird)

  • No Affiliate Spark Training
  • No ‘Built-in’ Traffic Features
  • 10 Site Domain License
  • Spy Stream 5 Site License

MultiStore Builder Pro ($25.97 – Early bird)

  • All Features Included
  • Access to Affiliate Spark Training
  • 500 Site Domain License

The difference between LITE and PRO is, with Multistore Builder LITE you can only use for 10 domains, won’t get the afäliate training course and built-in traffic features. But with Multistore Builder PRO, you can use this software for 500 domain, all features of Multistore Builder and get in Affiliate training course.

Multistore Builder OTO

  • OTO 1-Multistore Builder Agency ($57.97) –  Includes developers rights, outsourcers rights, marketplace themes, and extra features like translation, ability to import just discounted products, and more.
  • OTO 2-VIP Multistore Traffic and List Building Training ($47.97) –  Our non-plr training we to show users more advanced ways to get trafäc and build their afäliate marketing list.
  • OTO 3-SpyStream Reseller Rights Special Access ($59.97) –  Our normally more expensive plugin that reveals the hidden reasons buyers leave your website with special heatmaps and video mouse tracking. Comes with reseller rights for an unbelievable price.
  • OTO 4-Resellers License to V1.0 ($127-$167) – With helpful reseller training to make sure it converts

Why Should You Buy It?

Multistore Builder have the features and flexibility really needed for you

Build a store that stands out

Multistore Builder adds massive value to the eCommerce store by allowing you to import from Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, Alibaba, Walmart, BestBuy, and Envato. However, instead of switching between 2 stores, users can make up any combination of their choice.

My store is now set up with the full lines. I love the appearance of my store when it can display all it has. However, this does not affect much on the conversion. You can also set up the list of individual products from a single network. Multistore Builder can make your store profitable in either way.

Boost the traffic

Multistore Builder can post any product to social networks on your demand. Also, what makes my Multistore Builder Review really appreciate this software is its respect for users. Multistore Builder guarantees the success by providing users with non-PLR affiliate training course.

Regarding traffic boosting, Multistore Builder can perform this task in many different ways. Besides posting the products to social media platforms, Multistore Builder allows your store to integrate with the shortcodes.

Also, it can import the reviews from social networks to your store. And along with the auto price updating feature, Multistore Builder ensures the high conversion of the store.

Empower your control over your store

I am now using WordPress to administer my store, and Multistore Builder makes it so easy to do the managing task. In fact, it easily integrates into any WordPress of WooCommerce theme. As a result, users can freely add and edit content and have full control over the hosting.

Multistore Builder makes sure the all the products in the store are high value and high-converting. With the detailed stats technology and real-time feature, it ensures the products are up-to-date every time. Last but very not least, Multistore Builder makes it so easy to edit the title and description of the product.

No learning curve

You don’t have to be a tech-lover, a sales expert, or an SEO master to love this software tool. Multistore Builder makes the products sell themselves. I barely have to spend money on advertising my store. Multistore Builder ensures the high conversion of every item on sales. As a result, people already want to buy from my store when they search for the product.


Multistore Builder does all the tasks to promote your store. And this means you won’t have to pay a single nickel to hire any designing, coding, and content writing staff. It saved me thousands of dollars every year, and what makes me even love it more is that I don’t need to exert any effort or waste any minute of my life looking for the staff. I can do everything on my own, with ease.

Proven performance

For those who are looking for a marketing suite that really helps, Multistore Builder is the choice. And as I had many attempts at finding a high-value marketing tool, I know this one is different. Multistore Builder is what I lay 100% of my trust on. I think it should deserve the 10/10 rating on any Multistore Builder Review.

Exclusive Bonuses Of Multistore Builder

Bonus 1. ‘Super Affiliate Tips’ training video

Get free training by 6 figure a year affiliates on how to start getting sales from total scratch. You’ll get some beneficial tips on how to stand out from the competition, find the right products to profit from, how to write and schedule your affiliate emails and so much more!

Bonus 2. Get Multistore Builder for Free

Register for a chance to get your own unlimited domain license of Multistore Builder for free. They’ll be randomly choosing 5 email address that register and their assistant will be sending an email to you during the first 10 minutes of the launch to notify you if you’ve won. (Note: If you already buy and you are chosen, they’ll refund you).

Multistore Builder Review – Conclusion

In a nutshell, creating and developing eCommerce store will be much easier with Multistore Builder. It is more than just a store builder. At the same time, it acts as a manager, marketing expert, designer, coder for your store. It’s  just everything an owner need to monetize their store. This Multistore Builder Pro Review hopefully provides you with useful knowledge on this software tool. And if you think it’s the one for you, there should be no hesitation, grab it now!


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