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Viddyoze Live Action Review – Brings Together Live Recorded Footage And 3d Animation

Viddyoze Live Action Review – Brings Together Live Recorded Footage And 3d Animation


Viddyoze Live Action is the latest development of the Viddyoze team. This time, the team has succeeded in bringing live recorded footage and 3D animation together. And the best part? It is 100% automatic.Viddyoze Live Action is the first one to be able to do this.

Viddyoze Live Action allows you to upload their images, text, and logos in a real scene. Then you are also able to get access to more than a hundred templates which are completely compatible with your images, text, and logos.

It takes the team about a year to successfully develop this amazing technology. One of their efforts is to make it as easy as possible for users to interact. Just a few click and everything will be done carefully.

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Viddyoze Live Action Review – Overview

  • Product Creator: Joey Xoto
  • Product Name: Viddyoze Live Action
  • Release Date: 2017-Jun-26
  • Release Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $67
  • Sales Page: CLICK HERE
  • Niche: Cloud Software
  • Refund: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Recommend: Highly Recommend

Viddyoze Live Action Features?

  • Viddyoze Live Action Watermarks. With videos this hot, you want to keep them safe. This Software lets you add watermarks to all your videos that only you can remove, letting everyone know that this is your property.
  • Easy customisation. Easily shift the colour palette of your logo and add text to your videos. There’s no need to think about complex design, just choose the colours you want, and the software will do the rest.
  • Every great movie has a great score, so they’ve made sure every Viddyoze Live Action template has a custom-created audio track to subtly lock in attention and get pulses racing.
  • Designer template library. It comes with a treasure-trove of professional templates for a wide variety of businesses and niches. Whatever you need, you’ll find it here.
  • Cloud service. Use Viddyoze Live Action anywhere you like. Business should be fun – and with this software you can live your life and make money at the same time.
  • No experience necessary. Every template is ready to go, so you don’t need any experience in design. Just upload your logo and click the button.
  • Viddyoze Live Action Member’s area and full training. It’s set up to make everything as easy as possible, so you can access everything you need from one user-friendly screen (including simple set-up videos on how to get the most from the system)
  • Commercial licence. Open a lucrative second income stream by selling your incredible new videos to clients.
  • 100% compatibility. Viddyoze Live Action renders all your videos in MP4 format, so you can use them with any video editor or web platform.
  • Fast customer service. They’ve got a dedicated support team on call 24/7. If you’ve ever got a problem, they’ll get back to you inside one business day.
  • Full support and updates. Viddyoze Live Action is supported by a full-time team of designers, videographers and developers who are constantly improving the service so whenever they release an update, you’ll be the first to get it.
  • Unlimited usage rights. You’ll never be limited on how many times you can use an animation. When you’ve rendered a video, it’s 100% yours. Use it as many times in as many videos as you like.
  • The biggest feature I want to note down in this Viddyoze Live Action Review is the templates. With more
    than a hundred professionally designed templates, you have everything in your hand to customize your videos. The templates range in many different niches so you can choose what really suit you.
  • Viddyoze Live Action give you the power to customize the templates by adding your logos, text, images and colours to make it even more stunning. How amazing!

How does it Work?

Basically, there are three main steps that you need to through in order to rebrand the templates included in Viddyoze Live Action.

Step 1: Select one of the available templates.


Step 2: Edit the chosen template. You can add texts, images and your agency’s logo. Pick a suitable color and branding for the video.


Step 3: Click “Render” and wait a few minutes before your video is exported in HD quality.


In the next part of this Viddyoze Live Action Review, I will have some personal recommendations on its usage.


Pros and cons

To provide a clear and broad view of the product, I will note down what I think is pros and cons in this part of the Viddyoze Live Action Review.
You should check out to see whether the product is suitable and worth buying or not.


  • Newbie friendly
  • Easy to interact
  • Ready-made templates
  • Affordable


  • There is nothing much to complain about the product, however, it would be better if the setting up does not take quite long and the vendor would have added some more templates in scarcer niches.

Who should use it?

Those whose job involves using videos can benetfit greatly from Viddyoze Live Action. Affiliate marketer, product creator, blogger and offline business would definitely love this product.
Viddyoze Live Action can make your campains or advertising projects become much easier and smoother than when you have to fend for yourself.


First of all, Viddyoze Live Action outperforms many ordinary products in terms of price. As little as it gets, you will get access to a collection of valuable and professional live templates for your videos. What could be more profitable than that? Another great thing about Viddyoze Live Action is that there are thousands of bonus for early birds.

Second of all, the customer service is surprisingly wonderful. To help customers solve their problems, the team provides constant helps with a policy if customers want to return the product. This is another plus for the product.

Finally, the biggest point that makes Viddyoze Live Action wins over other competitors is the level of knowledge required. Users do not need to have a vast amount of technical knowledge or special skills to get used to the product. Joey and his team have made lots of efforts in making it extremely easy to use.You only need to click and drag and drop and there it is, your video is done.

In general, Viddyoze Live Action is a worth buying for all the aspects we have considered. This would be a valuable chance for marketers to improve their business in general by letting Viddyoze Live Action handle
the hardest part.

Evaluation and Price

In my opinion, Viddyoze Live Action deserves to be invested in since this product can fulfill any requirement you’re looking for in such an application. Besides, it is scheduled to officially launch on June 26, 2017.

The front-end price of Viddyoze starts from $47. However, there are a lot of other price packages that you can choose based on your need, and I suggest that you purchase it as soon as possible before the price goes up unexpectedly.

Viddyoze Live Action has 1 Front-End and 2 OTOs:

  • Front-End (Viddyoze Live Action – $47-$67)
  • OTO 1 (Template Club – $37) 
  • OTO 2 (Viddyoze Class – $97) 

Viddyoze Live Action Review – Conclusion

In conclusion, I’m really grateful to you all for staying tuned with my Viddyoze Live Action Review to the end. Honestly, I hope that this is a helpful channel for you to have a wider view of this product. If you have any question, contact me right away and I’ll try my best to help you.



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