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WP Blazer Review – The most necessary plugin for your WordPress site.

WP Blazer Review – The most necessary plugin for your WordPress site

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You are a word press users? the trouble of updating and securing your WP websites are bothering you? You want a software that clear all the problem for you? Search no more because I’ll introduce you, the #1 WP software – WP Blazer.

WP Blazer Review – Overview

Product Vendor: Cindy Donovan
Product Name:  WP Blazer
Sales Page: http://wpblazer.com/special/
Price: $27
Release Date: 08-March-2017
Release Time: 11:00 EST
Refund Policy: 30 days money back guarantee
Niche:  WordPress
Skills : No Prior Skill Needed – 100% Newbie Friendly

What is the WP Blazer?


WP Blazer is a WordPress plugin which can backside up and store everything in a WordPress website automatically. All you need to do is that create this plugin in some easy steps and then let it does their responsibility.

You will have a simple dashboard to control so many things in your WP website if you own this plugin.

Exactly what are The Superb Features of WP Blazer?

Before exploring everything about WP Blazer plugin, you must know some basic things about the WP software. With WP Blazer, you can get these great things for your website:

  • Off-site Remote Back up copies
  • Easy to use Admin Dash
  • One click update
  • Scheduled Copies anytime

About Cindy Donovan – The creator

WP Blazer Review - Cindy Donovan

Cindy Donovan is the woman behind this great product. If you are in this online marketing industry for long enough, she is not a stranger. Cindy is a well-known person as an Internet marketer and also a talented product creator. Together with her team, Cindy has earned 6-digit income per year creating super effective products. Some of them can be named as Text Deliver, WP Scope, Video Overplay, Web Traffic Wildfire, Sticky Post, Viral Loop, and much more. You can search for those names to see how great Cindy’s products are.

So, with all talents from Cindy and her team, did they do it well with WP Blazer? The next part of this WP Blazer review is showing you all great features of this product.

With WPBlazer – This is all GONE

WP Blazer is the #1 word press Management and Protection software used by more than 40,000 word press sites. With just only 60 sec set up, your word press sites will forever be updated and secured.

The amazing WP Blazer is like an assistant help you to earn money much more easier.


NO NEED to waste hours logging in manually to each WP site to add, manage, edit or update

NO NEED to pay someone to do it for you

NO NEED to pay monthly fees to an expensive solution that’s hard to use and doesn’t even backup your site

WP Blazer key features

I will tell you what are great features of WP Blazer in this part of my review. Let figure out what it can do:

Easy and Rapid WP site installation.

With only 3 simple step you can have high-converting professional sites, pages and up-to-date plugins & themes like the gurus do without spending hundreds on expensive VA’s for maintenance or hours each day using it yourself.

Beside,  you can create many word press sites in just a minute no matter if you are a newbie or a low-tech. You will always get the most out of word press sites with this software.

The most powerful yet simple to use cloud solution.

See if you have these problem below when using word press site:

  • You hate having to login to each site and tick the daily tasks
  • You hate the time wasted on updating WP, adding plugins etc every time you install a new site
  • You fear your site going down at any time, and
  • You hate having to pay expensive monthly fees for a secure backup solution

If you face one of these problems, i think it time you started using WP Blazer. With this software – you’ll have the most poweful yet simple to use cloud solution that takes care of everything for you from “one click – up date all” to “instant secure back up” that keep your site always at its best.

WP Blazer Review – One particular of the most necessary plugin for your WP website

In this article, Let me show you my WP Blazer Review to enable you to know just what WP Blazer  is and exactly how it help my life plus your site. Here we go.

Last time I was so upset because of losing all things, such as images, files, documents, etc. I use set up on my site. The stupid reason is electric power cut while I was setting my client website Such a worst situation around me.

After that, I tried to get it done all one more time, but I am more careful. I searched a software that conserve everything I did on my website automatically and rapid. Then, thank God, WP Blazer appeared and kept living with its extraordinary useful features for my site.

Therefore, in this article, I will give you my WP Veste review to ensure you can know just what WP software is and how it help my life and your site. Here we go.

WP Blazer Review – Funnel

There are 3 main types of this WP Blazer:

These three versions have the same features above. However, each of them has the several features. And you have to know all different things to take those suited version for your need.

OTO 1 WP Blazer Pro ($27)

This Blazer version has so many extra features for your website’s social network:

  • Media document backup
  • Social management
  • Premium cloud backup (Google Get, Rackspace, Dropbox, etc. )
  • SEO management (you can analyze your SEO plan with SEO tool in particular plugin)

OTO 2 WP Blazer Developer($67)

The programmer Blazer version can give you most of these wonderful legal rights when you manage your site:

  • You will have right to access your customer’s website including management, SEO, and social themes.
  • You totally can mount this WP plugin on the client site

The developers license lets you :

  • Full access to manage client sites
  • Install wp blazer plugin at client site
  • Access everything, including seo + social modules
  • Charge more money providing this automated service

OTO 3 WP Blazer Whitelabel($97)

Think about this WhiteLabel if you have a lot of followers. This kind of plugin version will give you:

  • WP Blazer marketing tools
  • Ability to change your WP Blazer plugin’s brand
  • Professionally written replicate
  • Collect and secure all subscribers’ emails
  • Fully taken care of and managed software product
  • Full access to change WP Blazer’s brand

How Does It Work?

How do you think if you can manage 30 websites with just 3 simple steps?That’s what I want to share today in my review. Don’t miss it!

Step 1: Login and add all your WP sites

Enter the site which you need to manager then add URL and group name of site. After that, you need to download and install WP Blazer or you can activate it automatically. It is so simple, right?

One thing to keep in mind, you can install manually by going to your site or login WordPress admin to activate this plugin.

Let’s start to managing you sites!

Step 2: Manage everything at one dashboard

WordPress update

Up to now, you can upgrade all plugins or themes of many sites at the same time. Say goodbye with manually work! You can save many time and make profits easier from now.

Manage Sites

  • As I said above, you can activate, deactivate, add or delete themes and plugins easier
  • With this plugin, you can create, edit, post any article from many sites or delete them at the same time. On the other hand, you can checking and reply comment rapidly. Moreover, you can manage comment (approved, pending or scam) at one dashboard.
  • You can create new user in 5 seconds or see all users or delete anyone.

Step 3: Set the automated schedule backups.

You have 2 backup options:

  • Backup both files and database
  • Backup database only

Besides, you can pick your schedule backup, time zone, repeat backup, destination type and more. Thus, you never have to worry about your sites being hacked or security takes down. You can watch the video below to get clearly about this product:


Why Should You Buy It?

Dear Marketers, WordPress is always the best platform for every marketers. But some special problems actually destroy your valuable time.

  • You do the same thing for all of your website,
  • In order to maintain the overall security you spend a lot of time,
  • Or, by doing a simple mistake all of your data may be crashed.

That is actually very crucial to everyone, i think. Right! Consequently, You lost your time, temper and concentration to maintain everything. But now, its time to do everything smartly. Specially without taking any Risk and saving your time, you can do everything. WP Blazer helps you for this purpose. Keep Reading our WP Blazer Review.

  • Manage all your sites in one place with a few clicks,
  • Keep everything updated & add new plugins & themes with a click,
  • Securely schedule backups that happen automatically and keep your websites safe.


Up to now, how do you think about WP Blazer? Is it an amazing software? I’m sure you have the answer. Why don’t you buy it right now? Let’s raise your work to a new level with this plugin.

This product is backed with a money-back guarantee. After 30 days, if you are not satisfied, you can return it for a full refund – no strings attached.. You have Nothing to lose! What are you waiting for? NOW is the best time to invest!


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